Com-Unic Fossils

All important services and 
fossil raw materials from a single source.

About us

Com-Unic Fossils a joint venture of a global sourcing and procurement company and a business consultancy company. 

We care about your needs. Starting with our production planing analysis. We support you in securing long-term sourcing of your raw material requirements and adapting them flawlessly to your production planning.

Constant market analysis and close contact with raw material suppliers and manufacturers give us and yourself the security you need. To put it simply: You are in demand - we will find. We make sure, that you receive the quantities and even more importantly the quality you need in short, medium or long term.

Available products and services

Our focus is on raw material procurement for production and consumables for trade.

We have direct access to means of production, raw materials and end products such as gas, oil, chemicals or others.

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